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The Case for Biological Standards

You Spoke. We Listened. Together, it’s Time to Act.

The Global Biological Standards Institute (GBSI) Convenes Stakeholders to Solve the Critical Challenge of Irreproducibility in Life Science Research.


This Report, prepared by independent consultants Health Advances and Feinstein Kean Healthcare, presents the latest findings on irreproducibility obtained from almost 60 interviews with stakeholders throughout the life science community and our recommendations for meaningful change.

Download The Case for Standards

The Case: Report Presentation & Panel Discussion

The Case Part 1: Report Presentation



The Case Part 2: Panel Discussion



The Case Part 3: Questions & Answers




The Case in the Media:

Len Freedman in The Burrill Report - podcast

The Case - Press Release

Opening Presentation Deck from The Case Panel Discussion

The Case - Media Backgrounder